Redaktion is a grotesque typeface family. The naming refers to one of the envisioned use environments: news magazines. It is German for editorial office/department and editorial staff. Though developed in context of news publishing, the range of possible applications is not limited to editorial design. The family comprises of two members. Redaktion Text is a sober sans serif, with a concise setup from Light to Bold for body copy. It is intended for informative or selective reading, as well as for immersive reading. Redaktion Display is a response to the needs of complex layouts, offering a variety of widths and weights, for headings from deck to display sizes that require activating typography. A striking detail are forcedly closed apertures in the darkest weights XBold and Black (as in ‘a’ and ‘e’). They are expressive but appropriate even when they have to deliver bad news. Especially Redaktion Display draws inspiration from two historic references by the German typefoundry Schelter & Giesecke (Schmale and Schlanke Grotesk), which becomes obvious in the most condensed and light weights.